Thermoplastic Markings in Abbots Langley

Thermoplastic Markings in Abbots Langley

Heat applied plastic markings can be added to existing macadam play surfaces to give a colourful and long lasting design which enables kids to take part in a range of activities.

Plastic Play Surface Designs in Abbots Langley

Plastic Play Surface Designs in Abbots Langley

The installation process for these thermoplastic markings involves placing the pre-cut plastic shapes onto the macadam surface and then heating up the plastic until it melts and sticks to the playground.

Thermoplastic Graphics in Abbots Langley

Thermoplastic Graphics in Abbots Langley

Once applied, the coloured plastic graphics create a durable and long lasting play surface design which requires low maintenance and helps kids to learn through outdoor activities.

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Thermoplastic Play Area Markings in Abbots Langley

Many schools, nurseries and public play-areas in Abbots Langley WD5 0 have thermoplastic  play area markings applied to the play surface to create a fun and stimulating environment where children can play educational games and develop their social skills with others. These come in a range of graphics, designs and colours that fit your specific needs.

As an alternative to the traditional playground paint applications, thermoplastic markings are applied using plastic cut out shapes which are then heated and melt onto the existing macadam surface of the playarea. This method leaves a durable and brightly coloured graphic design which is long lasting and does not fade easily like normal surface paint. We often complete playground relining in Abbots Langley with coloured designs to replace existing markings which have faded or become unsuitable. Lots of schools have had painted playground designs relined in thermoplastic as it gives a more vibrant colour and is longer lasting.

The application process for thermoplastic games markings is extremely quick to create the minimum amount of disruption for schools and nurseries near me so the kids can get back to enjoying their playground as soon as possible. The prices for each playground marking project will vary depending on the specification and amount of graphics you choose to have applied, but quotes can be flexible to fit in with your budget requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure that you recieve a price that is suitable to your organisation. To speak to one of our nearby experts, contact us today by filling in our short enquiry for and we'll give you some product sheets and a price quotation.

How can thermoplastic be used Near Me?

Thermoplastic markings are extremely versatile and can be used for local play areas closest to you at a variety of different locations and their surrounding areas, including: 

  • Public Playgrounds – A wide range of different graphic designs can be installed to cater for children of all ages by providing a variety of activities.
  • Nursery Play-Areas – Engaging markings such as brightly coloured characters and animals for younger children to enjoy.
  • Primary Schools – Thermoplastic markings such as letter grids, maths games and world maps to incorporate learning into play.
  • Secondary Schools – These playground markings tend to be focused towards sport and can be applied in different colours to make a multi-purpose activities surface.

Plastic Playground Applications in Abbots Langley

The great thing about plastic playground applications is that the design options are almost endless and can be personalised to suit each individual school or project. The brightly coloured heat applied markings can come in a huge range of colours, games and fun characters to engage children’s minds and encourage active play. Plastic playground applications can include educational games like number caterpillars and compasses, as well as traditional activities such as hopscotch and roadways. These play area designs help to enhance learning as well as teaching kids social skills and working with others. The markings help stimulate the childrens learning which can lead to positive results both inside and outside the classroom and be intellectually and physically rewarding.

The thermoplastic play surface applications are extremely durable and have an extensive product life so the children can enjoy an exciting and fun recreational facility for a long time. Playground markings removal in Abbots Langley is another service that we offer to get rid of any old markings which have lost their use or need replacing. This is done through a specialist cleaning process and a new application of markings can be added afterwards if required. Depending on your current situation, we are able to provide the essential services to ensure you recieve the best product outcome. We are able to help you choose the best graphic designs for your playarea depending on what your organisation is looking for.

For example a nursery might choose a design which is more focused around play, whereas a primary school could choose more educational markings such as phonics shapes and maths grids to aid children with their learning. The use of thermoplastic markings has shown to be very practical for organisations as they provide entertainment as well as education for children of all ages.

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