Playground Marking Removal in Aberyscir

Playground Marking Removal in Aberyscir

Over time thermoplastic playground markings can become faded and worn out if they are used heavily, when this happens the graphics can be removed and new ones can be put down.

Removing Play Surface Graphics in Aberyscir

Removing Play Surface Graphics in Aberyscir

The process of removing playground markings can be done with either a high pressure water jet wash or by sand jetting with an abrasive solution to blast away the graphics.

Play Area Graphics Application in Aberyscir

Play Area Graphics Application in Aberyscir

Once the old worn out surface markings have been removed, a new application of playground graphics can be put down to give a fresh and bright appearance to the tarmac surfacing.

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Playground Marking Removal in Aberyscir

Thanks for visiting Playground Marking Removal, the process of removing playground markings can be done by our expert team with either a high-pressure water jet wash or by sand jetting with an abrasive solution to blast away the graphics. 

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The process of playground marking removal is common in Aberyscir LD3 9 as many local schools and nurseries closest to you, have old macadam surfaces with old markings.

We can remove playground graphics in a number of different ways which give a clean playground for new graphics to be applied.

Ultra high-pressure washing can be done for play ground marking removal to get the existing graphics off the tarmac in an environmentally friendly way.

This method uses water so it’s suitable for use on more textured and delicate areas for removing playground markings without causing damage to the tarmac underneath.

Another way of carrying out line markings removal is by sand jetting which blasts an abrasive gritty solution at the surface to remove playground markings. Once the old markings have been removed, a surface restoration process in Aberyscir LD3 9 can be completed if necessary.

This involves cleaning the whole area and then applying new coloured graphics in a chosen design.

Methods of removal

The simplest method of play-ground marking removal is just to paint over the whole tired macadam area in a specialist anti-slip paint coating which can come in many bright colours.

This non-skid paint is perfect for giving an old tarmac playground a new lease of life and revitalising the appearance to create a seamless background for new thermoplastic markings to be put down.

All of these line marking removal methods can also be used in commercial areas and on roads and pathways to get rid of cracked and faded painted lines.

The costs for removing and replacing thermoplastic or painted surface graphics will depend on the size of the area, existing conditions and numerous other factors.

If you would like to receive a price estimate for this work, please send us your details via our short contact form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Removing Play Surface Markings in Aberyscir

Once the process of removing old markings has been completed in Aberyscir you may find you now would like to look at having a brand new set of playground markings put down for your school or nursery play-ground.

The most durable and long-lasting type of playground markings are made from thermoplastic which is heat applied directly onto the macadam surface, these graphics can also be applied on top of the premium tarmac paint coating.

After removing playground markings which had been applied in paint and faded over time, nearby schools and nurseries often choose to have these thermoplastic applications put down as a more durable and longer-lasting alternative.

Our team of playground markings specialists in Aberyscir have worked on many different projects and will be happy to give their professional advice on the best specification for your play area and surrounding areas.

Playground marking designs Near Me

You can have a huge variety of different colourful flooring designs installed near me such as hopscotch, roadways, maps and letter grids to help kids with learning academic subjects as well as safety skills to use in the wider world.

Navigation routes can also be mapped out with thermoplastic markings throughout the school using footprint designs and pathways, as well as bespoke graphics which can be designed for each individual school.

This wide variety of marking designs can help schools to boost their OFSTED profile by creating an engaging and interactive outdoor environment where kids can stay active while they learn and cooperate with others.

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