Tarmac Painting

Tarmac Painting

Specialist paint coatings can be applied to tarmac sports surfaces to enhance the playability and slip resistance so players have a more comfortable experience.

Activity Surface Painting

Activity Surface Painting

Anti slip paint coatings are commonly applied to playground and sports surface in a range of colours to improve both the appearance and safety, especially where children will be playing and running.

Macadam Coloured Coatings

Macadam Coloured Coatings

Many schools and leisure facilities have coloured paint applied to macadam play areas and sports courts and we have completed many projects to apply these specialist coatings.

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Tarmac Surface Painting

Thanks for visiting Tarmac Surface Painting, anti-slip tarmac paint coatings are professionally applied by our experts to playground and sports surface in a range of colours to improve both the appearance and safety, especially where children will be playing and running. 

Are you looking for a professional tarmac surface painting installer? Then you have found the right place.

We can carry out tarmac surface painting to a variety of outdoor tarmac surfaces, including tennis courts and other sports facilities, to give the area a new lease of life by improving both the quality and the appearance of the surfacing.

This tarmac painting process is commonly done on car parks, roads, pathways, cycle lanes, bus lanes, crossings and other access route surfaces to aid with navigation; this keeps both pedestrians and drivers safe.

A specialist anti skid tarmac paint is used for this process as this is ideal for covering up old worn out line markings and creating a blank background for new thermoplastic markings to be applied.

We have worked as tarmac surface specialists at many schools, private homes and public facilities to install coloured asphalt surface markings and designs.

If you are unsure about the type of application you need for your surface, don't hesitate to use our contact form to speak to one of our team members today and we'll point you in the right direction.

How is it Applied?

We use a specially designed thick tarmac paint which can come in a range of colours and is cold applied onto an existing macadam surface which may be suffering from cracks and fretting, or has faded markings which need to be covered up.

During the tarmac painting work, the tarmac paint will be thoroughly mixed and then poured out onto the macadam surface which will have masking tape stuck down to outline the area for the tarmac paint to be applied.

A roller will then be used to distribute the tarmac paint coating evenly across the desired area, this process is fast and simple to minimise the disruption caused on roads and pathways.

Once the tarmac painting is complete, the surface will look as good as new and retain its colour and bright appearance for a long time without fading through UV exposure.

The durable specification of tarmac paint is very long-lasting and does not require much maintenance to keep it in the best possible condition.

For our professionals, the paint is easy to apply. However we wouldn't recommend taking on painting yourself.

We would recommend a minimum of two coats for the paint, so make sure the company you choose can agree to this.

Playground Flooring Painting

The same anti slip substance can also be used for playground painting to cover up old worn out surface markings or to improve the look of tired asphalt surfaces.

A number of bright colours can be applied to children’s playground areas to create an engaging outdoor environment at a school, nursery or public recreational surface.

The specialist tarmac paint has anti-slip properties which keep children safe during playtime to prevent injuries from slips and falls. 

We carry out a range of high quality painting services, please get in touch for a quote.

Playground Designs Near Me

After the playground nearby painting has been applied, thermoplastic activity markings can be put down to transform the surface into a fun and educational recreational environment.

Different designs and graphics can be installed depending on the requirements of each project.

For example, local nurseries closest to you might choose to have cartoons and animal characters for younger children, whereas schools near me could have - 

  • Hopscotch grids
  • Maths
  • English activities
  • Maps
  • Snakes and ladders

to aid in learning. The options are endless as you can create and choose your own coloured designs which fit with your individual organisation, whether it's a school, public area, visitor attraction or your own home.

Having these interactive activity markings applied to school playgrounds can help improve OFSTED ratings as kids learn to cooperate with each other and engage more with lessons outside of the classroom.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss prices and designs for tarmac painting and thermoplastic marking applications.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you have regarding costs for tarmac surface painting so feel free to ask!

Other Tarmac Painting We Offer

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If you have any specific requests regarding the designs of the surface paintings and its surrounding areas feel free to ask and we are able to fit designs around your requirements.

The costs vary depending upon the size of your designs. By filling out one of our contact forms today, one of our experts will be able to contact you and help with your requests.




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