Physical Distance Marking

Physical Distance Marking

Have you heard of physical distance marking? It is becoming more and more popular in the UK and is a necessity for a number of establishments. Contact us to learn more.

Nursery Playground Markings

Nursery Playground Markings

We offer a range of nursery playground markings to promote social distancing. Get in touch to find out prices.

Virus Control Markings

Virus Control Markings

Looking for virus control markings? Our team can help. Speak to us to find out what designs are available.

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Physical Distance Marking

Welcome to our social distancing page. You must be aware of the physical distancing measures required.

Our team offer the very best physical distance marking at reasonable costs, too!

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, social distancing is becoming more and more important. With the risk of additional waves and the potential of other viruses in the future, it is certainly a good idea to get permanent physical distancing marking installed. 

A lot of people struggle to keep the two metre distance, as they are unaware how far this is. With the help of our specifically designed graphics, everyone can follow the social distancing rules easily. 

For information on the physical distance markers we can install at your establishment, please complete our enquiry form. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with help and advice on the various designs.

Thermoplastic Social Distancing Graphics

You may be wondering why you would pay extra to buy the thermoplastic markings rather than standard floor stickers. Well, we have plenty of reasons why you should choose out thermoplastic social distancing graphics.

  • Thermoplastic material is long lasting
  • It can withstand heavy footfall
  • It will not peel or rip like standard stickers 
  • You can't pick at the graphics and remove them yourself - if you wish to remove the graphics, a professional will need to be called
  • They are installed by experts
  • Various designs are available

Our preformed thermoplastic floor graphics are unlike stickers that can scuff, fade and create a trip hazard. These thermoplastic markings are eye catching designs, flush, permanent, washable and meet current government guidelines.

It is important to choose a professional company to install your thermoplastic designs. Our team have been installing our preformed graphics for a number of years. We can offer you high quality installations at reasonable costs. 

To find out about the costs of heat applied graphic installations, please complete our enquiry form now. 

School Play Area Markings

One of the main areas these markers will need to be installed is within school grounds. School play area markings can be installed to promote social distancing to parents and children at the school. 

When dropping children off at school and picking them up, parents and guardians should keep a safe distance from others. Our team can provide special distancing markers to show the 2m gap they should be keeping. 

This is also a great way to show OFSTED and other inspectors that your school conforms to the Government's requirements and you are taking action to keep the students in the school safe. 

Nursery Playground Markings

Similar to school markings, we can also offer our physical distance floor markers to nurseries at a reasonable cost. Our nursery playground markings are available in a number of different designs to meet children's needs. 

We offer rainbow social distancing markings and more. With bright and vibrant markers, children are more likely to pay attention to the 2m distance they should keep. 

Parents and guardians of nursery children should also take note of the markers when collecting and dropping off their children too. 

If you require more information on how to get these specialist markings installed at your school or nursery, please speak to a member of our team today. 

Distance Markers for Supermarkets

It's not just schools, nurseries and play parks that need these markings installed. Supermarket owners should also be thinking about permanent distance marking installation. 

Our distance markers for supermarkets are available in lines, circles, footprints and more.

The markings can be installed to show how far apart customers should be when queueing. We can install a number of markers 2m apart from each other across your grounds at great prices.

If you are an owner of a shopping centre or supermarket, this is certainly something you should be thinking about.

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Even after the pandemic, people will still be practicing social distancing to ensure their safety. Since this is an ongoing thing, it is recommended to get permanent markings installed at your establishment. 

Contact our team today if you would like more information on the physical distance marking we can carry out. Fill in our contact form and enquire now for details on prices, designs and more.




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