Playground Design

Playground Design

There are numerous designs available for playground markings at nurseries and schools to give kids a fun and exciting area to play in as well as learning fundamental skills.

Play Area Graphics

Play Area Graphics

Thermoplastic markings can be applied to macadam play surfaces in a range of colours with educational designs such as number snakes, letter grids and geographical maps to help kids learn while they play.

Play Surface Markings

Play Surface Markings

We can install specialist playground marking designs to your outdoor area which will give the surface a new lease of life with colourful and engaging designs that the kids will enjoy.

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Playground Surface Designs

Welcome to Playground Surface Design, we can install specialist playground marking designs to your outdoor area which will give the surface a new lease of life with colourful and engaging designs that the kids will enjoy.

Do you need an experienced play area surface designs installer? Then you have come to the right place. 

When you’re having a new playground surfacing design built or making improvements to an existing one, it’s important to choose the right playground design so that the kids who use the area can make the most out of it.

Thermoplastic markings could be applied to an existing tarmac surface to create a fun and engaging environment for children of all ages.

The play area design can range from traditional surface games like hopscotch and number activities, to colourful animals and road safety surface markings.

We offer an endless amount of play-ground games markings and can even create bespoke designs with your own school logo or colour scheme.

The thermoplastic heat applied play area graphics leave durable and long-lasting colourful play ground designs which may be used for both educational and recreational purposes.

Letter and number grids help with learning English and maths, whereas friendship stops and activity trails encourage children to work together and be sociable with others.

Costs for each play-ground design will vary depending on the specific graphic, area size and amount of applications you choose to install. Contact us today through our simple form to speak to one of our experts and get a quote for your project.

Compared with traditional play ground paint designs which can begin to fade quickly, thermoplastic applications maintain their bright colour for a long time and require little maintenance which is very cost-effective for the nearby school, nursery or public play-area.

What are the designs?

Thermoplastic play area markings could be applied in a number of different designs to suit the requirements of each individual project, some of the designs we can apply include:

  • Educational Markings – Play-ground graphics used for learning such as letter and number games, world maps and compasses. These graphics can provide a fun and unique way for children to learn new things.
  • Cartoon Characters – There are a wide variety of different animals and fun cartoon figures which we can apply to the school playground surfacing to engage children’s minds through play.
  • Traditional Playground Games– Markings for classic activities such as hopscotch, snakes and ladders and ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’
  • Sports Line Marking – Lines may be marked out in different colours to be used for sports like football, netball and tennis all on the same surface to create a local multi use games area closest to you.

We also offer a unique design that is specific to your needs. The sizes of all the play-area surfaces near me can vary depending on your requirements.

Play Area Graphics

We offer a whole host of different thermoplastic play area graphics for you to choose from when you want to give your play-ground a new lease of life and to create an area where kids can learn and have fun.

As experts in playground surfacing installation, we have a great deal of experience in applying these play area graphics for a range of organisations throughout the UK, so we can advise you on what might be the best designs and shapes for your particular project.

We would suggest a mixture of both educational and recreational play area designs to keep the children engaged.

For example, you could choose a British map and number caterpillar, along with a maze and some multi-coloured stepping stones to mix together a range of activities.

As well as these, traditional games can also be included with classic school activities that kids love to play.

 With the right play area graphics applications, you can be sure that the kids will never get bored of learning on playing on a stimulating thermoplastic play-ground surface.

Costs and quotes for these heat applied plastic graphics will vary depending on the type and amount of markings you choose, but we can be flexible on our quotes to help you stay within a reasonable budget.

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To receive any more information regarding the play area designs feel free to contact us where we will be happy to help wherever possible. We aim to provide high-quality service and products and are flexible during quotes to ensure you can receive a quality product at a price your organisation can afford.

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