Line Marked MUGA Facility

Line Marked MUGA Facility

We can install MUGA facilities across the country with different makings to create the ideal facility for you.

Tarmac Installation

Tarmac Installation

Tarmac is one of the many surfaces that we can install for your facility

Tarmacadam Play Area Markings

Tarmacadam Play Area Markings

Tarmacadam can also be used for a play area not just a sports facility as it's a versatile surface type.

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Tarmacadam Netball Paintings

Welcome to Tarmacadam Netball Paintings, we specialise in the installation of MUGA facilities across the country with different makings to create the ideal facility for you. 

Do you need an experienced tarmacadam netball paintings installer? Then you have come to the right place.

Tarmac Netball Paintings is an incredibly versatile surface type that offers a huge deal of benefits for various institutions. 

Tarmacadam is available in a selection of colours giving you great freedom to design and personalize a facility tailored to your needs.

The surfacing is ideal for facilities that will be used regularly and by a large number of people. The surface is naturally tough and durable meaning that no damages can occur over a short period of time.

This makes the ideal grounds for schools and colleges as they require a pitch that can effectively deal with lots of concentrated use.

If you have any questions or queries please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can with more details and talk you through the various specifications that we have on offer.

Netball Court Line Markings Near Me

Netball facilities require a sport surfacing that is sturdy underfoot that also offers a lot of traction. Due to the nation of the game, the sport requires lots of movement and quick direction changes meaning that a slippery surface would not be ideal.

This is why we offer an acrylic based paint that is fitted with an anti-slip aggregate.

This turns a standard sports pitch into something ideal for fast pace sports such as netball and basketball.

Not only does this improve the playing characteristics for your facility but it greatly reduces the risks of any slips and falls occurring leading to injuries.

The surfacing is extremely versatile and is usable for pretty much any sport, not including full contact sports that could result in accidents on the hard surface.

This means that tarmac surfaced facilities are also ideal for MUGAs as they can offer to play characteristics that are suitable for a selection of sports.

Multi-Use Games Areas Facilities

Multiuse game areas are the ideal sports grounds for nearby schools that don’t have lots of space but need to play a whole host of different sports.

These facilities can save local schools closest to you a lot of money but they need to make sure that they pick the most suitable surfacing option to ensure that the facility remains effective.

To avoid confusion we offer line markings that can be installed in a variety of different colours that helps to distinguish the various sports on the multi-use games area.

The multi-use facility allows more activities to take place in one area, and so, saves room and money. Our services don’t just stop at sports facilities, we can also use macadam for driveways and walkways installed in whatever colour you desire.

Tarmac Netball Maintenance

Tarmac is naturally very resilient material, however, without the proper maintenance, your facility and surrounding areas could become in danger of being unsafe.

The macadam is naturally porous which means that water can easily pass through the surfacing, this ensures that the facility doesn’t flood or become waterlogged.

If you don’t remove any algae or moss build up on the surfacing this can drastically reduce the porosity of your surfaces leading to a slippery surface and the potential of it flooding.

Other Tarmac Painting We Offer

Facility Repair Services Near Me

We also offer a repair service that is designed to fix any cracks or craters that could lead to accidents.

However, if your facility has substantial damage to the surfacing then maybe the only course of action could be a full-scale resurfacing job, which makes your facility as good as new again.

If you would like to know more about the different services we have available and would like some guidance as to what specification is the right one for you then please fill out the contact form.

The price for each job for tarmac netball paintings will vary depending on facilities size and dimensions, surfacing desired and if any paint or extra features are required.




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