Play Area Graphics Restoration in Alburgh

Play Area Graphics Restoration in Alburgh

If you have a tired macadam play surface which is in need of restoration, we can apply fresh new thermoplastic markings in a range of brightly coloured designs which are fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

Re-Marking Play Surfaces in Alburgh

Re-Marking Play Surfaces in Alburgh

Our team of specialists can create a bespoke design for activity and games markings to brighten up your children's playground surface.

Playground Surface Designs in Alburgh

Playground Surface Designs in Alburgh

The colours and designs you can choose from for playground markings are endless and bespoke graphics can be created to give you a unique play area facility.

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Play Area Graphics Restoration in Alburgh

Welcome to Play Area Graphics restoration, our team of specialists can create a bespoke design for activity and games markings to brighten up your children's playground surface. 

Do you need an experienced play area graphics restoration installer in Alburgh? Then you have come to the right place.

We can complete play area graphics restoration in Alburgh IP20 0 for thermoplastic markings which have become worn out and lost their vibrant appearance over time.

Through heavy use and exposure to sunlight and rain, painted markings and plastic graphics can lose their colour and start to look faded.

We can complete a simple restoration process where we apply new plastic markings in the same designs as the existing ones, or we can remove the old ones and create a completely new design.

We offer a huge choice of designs in Alburgh for playground flooring which kids of all ages can enjoy and use for learning.

Our local professional installers closest to you can discuss each of the different types of graphics we provide, as well as giving you a price estimate for your playground. Please use the quick contact box on this page if you would like to speak to us about this.

The use of thermoplastic heat applied playground markings is becoming increasingly popular for schools and nurseries looking to carry out a play-area graphics restoration.

Lots of different activities can be played using these colourful outdoor markings and this helps kids near me to learn and take part in fun physical activities.

To find out more about the different options we provide and the costs for installing thermoplastic play area markings, please fill in our quick enquiry form to speak to one of our experts.

Re-Marking Play Surfaces in Alburgh

We offer a wide range of colourful designs in Alburgh IP20 0 which can be installed during the play-area graphics restoration. These can include -

  • Animals
  • Traditional games
  • Cartoon characters
  • Number grids
  • Letters

You are free to choose any collection of markings and designs which suit the children who will be using the play area, and we also offer a huge range of different colour choices including -

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

By installing a variety of brightly coloured markings in place of old worn out designs, you can dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of your playground surface.

Children love to take part in different kinds of activities where they can learn and also interact with others, and using colourful playground markings is a great way to promote these games.

Relining Play Area Surfacing Near Me

The designs we install when re-marking play surfaces often fit in with National Curriculum programmes and help to improve OFSTED ratings for your nearby school.

This is because they can help with English and Maths through letter and number games, as well as geography through world maps and compasses.

The thermoplastic designs can also be installed to create roadways with pedestrian crossings which help children to learn about road safety and other real-life scenarios which they may encounter.

The choice of designs is endless so you don't have to limit your playground activities to a few simple games.

As well as thermoplastic, we also use specialist tarmac paint in Alburgh to apply brightly coloured surface designs.

This method can be used for other outdoor surrounding areas such as roads, access routes and car parks to give clear and easy to read safety signs for drivers and pedestrians.

How is it Applied?

During the play-area graphics restoration process, we use a specialist application method which heats up the thermoplastic so that it melts and sticks onto the tarmac surface.

This means that the finished markings are extremely durable and long-lasting and they will retain their vibrant colours for a long time.

Please take a moment to fill in the contact form on this page if you are interested in talking about the costs of carrying out play area graphics restoration, and one of our experts will get back to you with some advice.

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