Traditional Playground Games in Abbess End

Traditional Playground Games in Abbess End

Play are markings can be installed for a range of traditional games such as snakes and ladders which kids can enjoy and also incorporate into academic subjects like maths.

Play Surface Games in Abbess End

Play Surface Games in Abbess End

You can choose from numerous different games and designs for your playground surface as thermoplastic markings are extremely versatile for multi use.

Recreational Graphics Markings in Abbess End

Recreational Graphics Markings in Abbess End

We install traditional playground games markings to play surfaces at a range of organisations such as schools, nurseries and public parks to give kids a fun and exciting environment to play in.

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Playground Markings and Other Traditional Games in Abbess End 

Thermoplastic play surface graphics are commonly used in Abbess End CM5 0 in schools and nurseries and educational playground line-markings and other traditional games. You can choose from a huge variety of different activities and designs to have applied onto an existing macadam outdoor play surface. These brightly coloured markings could include educational graphics that help kids with learning academic subjects, such as maps, alphabet snakes, number grids and clocks which make outdoor learning a fun and active experience. You can install these playground graphics and other traditional games like hopscotch, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and snakes and ladders to give kids a wide variety of different activities during play time.

We often complete playground graphics removal in Abbess End where a set of coloured designs have become damaged, faded or unsuitable for use. This is done using a specialist cleaning treatment to get rid of the old plastic or paint from the tarmac surface. Once this is complete, we can then apply new and improved markings which the kids will enjoy and learn from for a long time. 

Application of thermoplastic markings Near Me

The application of these nearby thermoplastic heat-applied graphics is very quick and efficient as the plastic shapes are laid out onto the existing macadam and then heated until they melt and stick to the surface. Depending on the area size and the number of graphic designs which are being installed, this process usually takes a few hours and causes minimum disruption to schools and nurseries so the kids can get back to playing as soon as possible. Once applied the plastic playground markings and other traditional games designs will keep their bright colours for a long time as they are very durable and resistant to fading and cracking, making this specification a more cost effective alternative to the traditional playground painting. If you would like to talk about the cost of installing games markings and other graphic designs to your playground, don't hesitate to fill out our simple enquiry box with your details.

Play Area Graphics Restoration in Abbess End

Heat-applied thermoplastic line-markings can be installed as part of a play area graphics restoration project where existing activity lines have faded over time and are not suitable for use by the children anymore. Various playground markings and other traditional can be installed in thermoplastic to cover up the old tired markings, or the existing graphics can be removed by high pressure washing or sand jetting to leave a clean macadam surface. The thermoplastic specification is popular in Abbess End because it has many design options and, once installed, is very hard wearing and long lasting. You could also choose to have a coating of specialist anti slip tarmac paint applied in a variety of colour options as part of the local play area graphics restoration closest to you to cover up the old activity lines and create a blank surface for new designs to be put down.

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There is no end to the range of different play surface designs and markings you can have applied to your school or nursery’s tarmac playground. We can tailor a specification just for you so you can have full control over the surface activities your play area provides and the final appearance of the project. Individual and bespoke designs can be created and installed to existing outdoor recreational surrounding areas in a huge variety of bright colours to give a vibrant and existing learning environment for kids near me of all ages. Feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss the application of educational playground graphics for your outdoor play area surface in Abbess End CM5 0 and we’ll get back to you with some more details and a price quotation.

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