Tarmac Multi Sport Facility

Tarmac Multi Sport Facility

We can utilize tarmac to make a facility that can accommodate a huge variety of different sports at the same time

Tarmacadam Installation

Tarmacadam Installation

We can install tarmac at your institution to your design and specification

Multi-use Games Areas

Multi-use Games Areas

We can create multi-use games areas to help you save on space and money

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Tarmac Hockey Painting

Here at Tarmac Hockey Painting, our Uk leading experts can install tarmac at your institution to your design and specification to help you save on space and money. 

If you would like more info around tarmac hockey painting, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We offer a huge range of different surface types to try to ensure that our customers have the ability to design the perfect facility for their needs in  [POSTCODE]

The most versatile surface type that we have available is tarmacadam. Tarmac is perfect for schools, colleges and universities where a lot of people will be using the grounds on a regular basis.

Due to the nature of the product, it’s extremely tough and hard-wearing meaning that a lot of usages will not affect the overall properties the surfacing possesses.

The surfacing is very smooth and is ideal for a selection of different sports, some contact sports such as football and rugby are not recommended as it could lead to serious injuries.

If you would like to learn more about the different specifications that we have readily available, including the different extra features we have to offer please fill out the enquiry form.

Tarmac Hockey Markings Near Me 

Tarmac is an ideal surface type for hockey [POSTCODE] as the surface is smooth allowing for the ball to pass along the ground without taking any bounces or deflections.

However, even though the floor is smooth, the tarmacadam can be fitted with an acrylic based paint that has an aggregate built-in. This won’t affect the playing characteristics for the ball but will greatly improve traction for the players.

The added grip will not only improve the playing characteristics but it’ll make the area a lot safer for those who are using it as it’ll reduce the number of trips and slips.

Due to the nature of tarmac, its ideal for Multi-use games areas as it can be utilized for a lot of different sports.

Tarmac MUGA Line Markings

Tarmac can be fitted with line markings for various different sports such as hockey. The paint that we used is also fitted with an acrylic based coating that has anti-slip properties. We install the markings in a selection of different colours to avoid confusion when utilizing the facility.

These multi-use games areas are ideal for institutions that don’t have a lot of space but need to accommodate a selection of sports. It’s also far more cost-effective having a nearby facility that can be used for more than one sport.

Tarmac can also be used for car parks at schools or for walkways and driveways as well as their surrounding areas, due to the sturdiness of the product.

Tarmacadam Services Near Me

Our local expertise closest to you doesn’t stop at design and installation; we believe that it’s essential to make sure you keep your facility in a good enough condition for it to be completely safe for use all year round.

If you take the time to regularly clean your facility, it guarantees that the sports pitch will have a longer product life.

Routine maintenance not only helps extend the facilities lifespan but also ensures that the facility is safe for the people that are using it.

Without regular maintenance, there could be a build of different contaminants that overtime can cause some severe issues.

Due to macadams porous nature, it allows water to pass straight through it. 

However, a build-up of moss and algae could cause these pores to become blocked. This leads to waterlogging and flooding ultimately making the surface slippery and unsafe to use.

Other Tarmac Painting We Offer

Hockey Pitch Repairs

We also offer a repair service for Tarmac Hockey Paintings that is designed to make sure that if your facility has any damages such as holes or crevices we can fix the issue as quickly as possible.

If these are not rectified quickly it can lead to more serious and costly issues.

For example, if a hole gets too big the only way of sorting the issue out is to completely resurface the facility, this can be very expensive and can take some time.

If you have any questions you would like answering please get in contact with us.




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