Meander Trail Markings

Meander Trail Markings

Many schools are having meander trails installed for The Daily Mile, we are able to apply colourful and durable markings for use with these activities.

Painted Running Circuit

Painted Running Circuit

The markings can be applied to fit with an existing playground features, and we could design them to be used with a number of other activities and games as well.

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High Durability Meander Trail Markings

We are High Durability Meander Trail Markings, the markings can be applied by our specialist's team to fit with existing playground features, and we can also design them to be used with a number of other activities and games as well. 

If you'd like to install brand new high durability meander trail markings, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Our team can apply high durability meander trail markings for children’s play areas to create a recreational walking or running track.

These could be designed to suit a number of colour choices and area sizes, ensuring you have the perfect bespoke facility.

If you are interested in having a colourful meander trail installed to your outdoor playground, please contact us today.

All you need to do is fill in the enquiry form and we’ll send you over some information with regards to prices and design.

School Daily Mile Facility

Many schools are now having these colourful tracks added to their play area surface to be used during Daily Mile activities. This is a scheme which inspires pupils to complete a mile of exercise every day.

They are able to do this by running or walking the distance. The idea is meant to boost the health and wellbeing of the pupils.

High durability paint and thermoplastic lines are perfect for marking out a trail which the kids can follow around the existing play area.

Being sure that kids are fit and strong is extremely important and also it contributes to tackling obesity issues. But The Daily Mile is far more than just regular exercise and is not a sport or part of PE classes.

The aim is to offer school pupils far better social health, physical fitness and emotional wellbeing. The entire activity of accomplishing a mile in distance every single day is free and is easy to implement.

Because this is such an easy task, it's offered to children of every age group and individual circumstances.

Painted Meander Trails Near Me

As the painted meander trails are brightly coloured and vibrant, they encourage kids to get involved with activities and enjoy using the outdoor space.

These facilities can also be used for a number of other games and sports during the school day and in break times in the UK.

Additional markings and colourfully painted areas can also be added to the tarmac surface to create an all-round outdoor play facility and surrounding areas.

Because The Daily Mile has been integrated into a number of schools, research has shown that children now have improved concentration levels and behaviour, along with enhanced fitness.

Due to the better amounts of attention at primary school, youngsters are in the position to be educated much more effectively which makes them more likely to achieve. All local academic organisations closest to you including playgroups and schools can take part simply because it's not limited to any kind of age bracket.

Coloured Thermoplastic Marking

The high durability meander trail markings will often be applied using both paint and thermoplastics. A chosen colour of paint will be poured out and spread evenly onto the tarmac in the chosen shape.

Then once this has dried, thermoplastic lines will be laid out on top to create an outline, and these will be heat applied to the surface. This process can be done to suit many different designs, colour choices and area sizes so we can completely customise the final look for you.

The scheme promoting one mile per day is becoming very successful mainly because of the accessibility of the project. It will require under fifteen minutes to do the activity each day.

Walking in an outdoor environment enhances overall health through breathing in the fresh air. Schools won't need to purchase equipment or features so there are no added concerns with regards to costs.

Each nearby child who gets involved will be successful regardless of the time completed without obstacles for skill or age group.

Improving Children’s Fitness Near Me

The Daily Mile isn't cross country, a PE lesson or a competitive sport. Kids are participating in order to improve their own health and mental wellbeing.

Through taking part in this on a daily basis in school, kids and teachers will see lots of improvements with health and fitness. School kids are also much more likely to concentrate throughout school after accomplishing a small amount of physical activity.

The whole aim should be to make this a fun activity for the children, parents and teachers to interact and socialise.

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