Tarmac Sports Markings

Tarmac Sports Markings

We offer markings in a whole range of different designs to help create the ideal sporting facility for your school or nursery area.

MUGA Line Painting

MUGA Line Painting

Coloured sports lines can be applied for MUGA facilities in either paint or thermoplastic depending on the usage requirements for the area.

Thermoplastic Fitness Trail

Thermoplastic Fitness Trail

Many tarmac play areas have colourful thermoplastic fitness trail markings applied so kids can be more active and enjoy fun games.

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Tarmac MUGA Painting

Here at Tarmac MUGA Painting, our specialist team offer markings in a whole range of different designs to help create the ideal sporting facility for your school or nursery area.

If you're in need of experienced and friendly tarmac MUGA painting then look no further than us.

Coloured tarmac floorings in [LOCATION are very beneficial and are available in numerous colours; making them popular.

Tarmacadam surfacing may be built in a variety of places and it can improve safety issues as a result of vibrant colours accessible. Each individual coloured tarmac surfacing spec will vary the costs for the surfacing.

If you want a durable, high-quality surface - tarmac master tint is strongly recommended. Mastertint is generally applied to roads as it offers very good visibility.

Acrylic tarmacadam paint is mainly used for sports surfacing, like multi-use games areas and tennis courts. Sports flooring line-markings could also be applied to the permeable tarmacadam surface.

Non-slip paint may also be added in order to prevent individuals from slipping upon tennis courts and also playgrounds, which could also assist to improve safety.

If you wish to learn more about the different products and specifications that we have available and how they can help create the ideal facility for you please use the enquiry form.

Sport Court Line Marking

Thermoplastic markings are ideal for institutions that require a resilient sports facility. The markings can be added to a tarmacadam surfacing to create a facility that is extremely tough and durable.

This makes an ideal sports grounds for schools that have a high number of people using these facilities on a regular basis.

We can install MUGA thermoplastic markings to a whole host of different designs meaning that you can have one tarmacadam surface that can accommodate all the main sports you wish to play.

We can install the lines in different colours to make it easily accessible and simple to understand. As mentioned above, having anti-slip paint applied to the surfacing is a great idea in ensuring they’ll be fewer injuries and the playing characteristics of the facility have improved.

Coloured macadam is common in driveways stemming from durability, easy application and low price. Once built, your tarmacadam floor requires low maintenance, however, if the flooring has become cracked or damaged in any way, it can be mended with a brand new layer of macadam.

Water can drain through tarmac surfacing very easily, as it's a porous flooring that avoids water logging and floods.

Tennis facilities can also get a coloured macadam surface because this kind of surface provides excellent playing qualities. Non-slip qualities help to better the safety of your surface.

It is important to completely clean the area before applying the coloured tarmacadam, this makes the colour stick far better and ensures no dirt is stuck. Markings could then be applied to the clean coloured tarmac to meet the activity your facility is made for.

Multi-use games area markings are incredibly popular at academic institutions because this means you can play numerous activities in a single area.

Thermoplastic MUGA Markings

Multi-use games areas are designed to help children be able to play a whole host of sports with the use of only one facility.

The thermoplastic markings that we have available make that a lot easier for a school as they can save space and money.

Other Tarmac Painting We Offer

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The costs and prices will be different depending on many things. A few of the variables which will modify the cost are the dimensions, overall condition of your surface, surface type and any extra equipment.

If you would like to learn more about the different things that can affect the price or would like to learn anything more about the different specifications available, please fill in the enquiry form.

We will get back to you as soon as possible and will work with you closely to try and get the best possible facility created for you.  




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