School Thermoplastic Design

School Thermoplastic Design

Many primary school play facilities have colourful thermoplastics installed to create a vibrant educational design, these come in various shapes and sizes.

Kids Fitness Trail Marking

Kids Fitness Trail Marking

Some of the commonly chosen features include lines for sports and fitness trails which the kids can use to keep fit and be active during play times.

Educational Floor Graphics

Educational Floor Graphics

The flooring designs can be made to incorporate them Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum so kids are able to learn and develop in a fun environment.

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Primary School Thermoplastic Playground

Here at Primary school Thermoplastic Playground, we specialise in flooring designs that can be made to incorporate them Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum so kids are able to learn and develop in a fun environment. 

If you would like a free consultation for a primary school thermoplastic playground, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Many primary schools are choosing thermoplastic playground markings to create vibrant outdoor games spaces. We supply and install these in a huge variety of different colours and shapes to suit whatever designs you want.

Often school facilities will have educational graphics applied to the tarmac surface so the kids can learn as they play.

These are suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculums for primary aged children. Please contact our team via the form on this page if you would like to speak about the costs and different options available.

We aim to be flexible during our quotes to ensure you receive a price that is within your budget.

We have a range of experience with thermoplastic floor designs which allows us to do a few different services which should fulfil the client’s requirements.

Our expert contractors can apply a wide variety of distinctive applications and coloured features which youngsters can engage in and make use of to discover useful skills during primary school.

We offer a wide range of playground designs to accommodate kids of every age group between 5 and 11.

These can consist of cartoon markings, educational features, classic games and also activity lines.

Each of these could be used to complement classroom learning as there are plenty of maths, English, science and geography themed options to choose from.

You also have the possibility of developing your own designs which link closely with your school and education that you provide.  

Thermoplastic Sport Markings

You may also want to include lines for a number of sports as the thermoplastic material is slip-resistant and can be used on recreational MUGAs.

When we are installing sport lines you can select from:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Multi-use games area lining

We aim to make sure that youngsters enjoy playing. These activity lines allow schools to take advantage of the all-weather area, which means the facility can also be useful for sports classes.

The playground marking installers can additionally improve established graphics that have faded and got worn out through time; improving the play area aesthetically for you along with the children.

For more information on the primary school thermoplastic playground markings, we install, be sure to get in touch with us by completing the enquiry form. We can discuss your budget and come up with a price to suit whatever you need.

There are loads of sports and educational graphics available so feel free to ask if you have a particular requirement.

Educational Play Area Markings

It’s important for school kids to take part in outdoor activities so that they can maintain healthy lifestyles and improve physical fitness.

In addition to this, educational play area features could also be installed to support cognitive development.

Designs like number grids, alphabets, phonics, clocks and maps can all be incorporated to suit the curriculum for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Learning through active games is often a lot more useful for children as it makes it easier to take in the information and remember it. To talk about prices for educational games markings, be sure to fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

The graphics we install are made from premium quality thermoplastic that is installed on the chosen location and heated until it melts and adheres to the macadam surface.

A selection of unique colours and designs can be supplied so you're able to select whatever markings you'd like for your recreational area.

When necessary, we are able to paint the tarmac surface before our team put down the play surface graphics, which helps to make the surface look brand new, since it should be significantly brighter.

Thermoplastic marking installation is extremely common in primary schools, daycare centres and parks all over the UK. Educational patterns might consist of snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number tracks; this is because they've got numbers on so that the pupils are learning during their playtime as well as lessons.

In addition, we can apply patterns that are strongly related to the pupils' nationwide study course.

By having graphics such as this, the school may be able to improve their OFSTED inspection report by giving the kids greater opportunities to learn outdoors and build new skills.

How long does the application take?

Minimal disturbance of the area is made by installing thermoplastic play area designs because they can be installed fairly quickly and are resilient and sturdy.

Our specialist installers can complete improvements and routine maintenance easily and quickly for existing graphics. We will additionally clear away unwanted lines, if they've become exhausted, and substitute all of them with a fully new pattern.

If you don’t want the old graphics to get replaced, our company offers a reapplication service that can transform your pre-existing markings and enhance the appearance of the playground.

Other Thermoplastic Markings We Offer

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As specialists in this industry, we have worked with many educational organisations to install vibrant and unique designs.

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