School Playground Designs

School Playground Designs

Our educational playground markings come in various shapes, colours and designs to suit whatever type of outdoor space your school or nursery has.

External Learning Areas

External Learning Areas

Brightly coloured playground surface markings are great for helping kids to learn new skills by enjoying different games and activities, both in lessons and break times.

Educational Play Surfacing

Educational Play Surfacing

Some of the most popular graphics that we install include phonics tiles, multiplication number grids, compasses, clocks and roadways which can all be used for lots of games.

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Educational Playground Designs

Here at Educational Playground Designs, our specially designed educational playground markings come in various shapes, colours and designs to suit whatever type of outdoor space your school or nursery has. 

If you're in need of experienced and friendly educational playground designs throughout the UK then look no further than us.

Outdoor play areas should be fun and educational for children, particularly in schools and nurseries. During the early stages of development, kids can pick up new skills by playing fun games which they enjoy.

We offer services to install educational designs to tarmac playground surfaces at a range of locations. These are specialist thermoplastic floor graphics which allow pupils to have fun outside as well as enhancing their learning.

One of our experts would be happy to speak to you about the costs of installing these school playground design markings so please feel free to contact us today.

How can the Designs Impact Education?

For children in Early Years Foundation Stage groups, nurseries and primary schools it’s important to provide an introduction to different aspects of education.

This can include subjects like:

  • English
  • maths
  • social skills 
  • physical literacy

With our specially designed play surface markings, you can create an all-inclusive play space which caters to each of these skills.

Some of the most popular graphics that schools and EYFS groups choose could be A-Z animals, multiplication grids, phonics, geographical maps, clocks, roadways and compasses.

All of these markings can be used for a number of games as kids will enjoy being imaginative and coming up with their own activities.

OFSTED will usually look for features like this in schools because they contribute to diverse learning and physical activity.

Depending on the type of playground graphics you would like, and the children who will be using the area, you can create a bespoke design.

Simple things like animals and footprints are often chosen for younger children, whereas multiplication grids and phonics shapes can be more popular for primary school-age kids.

Whatever style you want and whatever your budget, we can provide you with all the information you need as well as a quote for installing your play area markings.

Simply complete the quick enquiry box to send over the details of your project and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Outdoor Learning Markings

There are many benefits to having good outdoor learning environments at local schools, nurseries and other educational facilities closest to you and your surrounding area.

Sometimes children near me can find it difficult to concentrate inside a classroom setting and this can mean that they don’t pick up certain ideas as quickly.

With an educational outdoor play area, the kids are able to take part in enjoyable games while gaining fundamental skills at the same time.

Things like the alphabet, times tables, road safety and physical education can all be taught through playing games in a specially designed outdoor space.

We’ll help you to create the perfect playground design which incorporates everything you need for your pupils to have a great environment.

There are loads of colours and graphics to choose from including outlines and solid colour graphics so you are not limited to simple designs.

Are Thermoplastic Designs Beneficial?

Plenty of studies have shown the positive effects that playing outside can have on children’s happiness and education.

By combining physical activity with learning and fun, kids have a much better chance of understanding and retaining information at school.

Our nearby team have a great deal of experience in working with schools and other organisations to create the best designs for their playground markings.

We use the best quality thermoplastic materials to leave a vibrant and durable finish once the project is complete.

Other Playground Games We Offer

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