KS3 Thermoplastic Designs

KS3 Thermoplastic Designs

There are plenty of sports and activity markings that can be installed to school playgrounds for Key Stage 3 level children in secondary schools.

Secondary School Play Markings

Secondary School Play Markings

Educational graphics can also be incorporated into the playground marking for Years 7, 8 and 9 which can be used during lessons and break times as well as after school activities.

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Key Stage 3 School Playground Marking

Here at Key Stage 3 School Playground Marking, we are the UK leading specialists at designing educational graphics which can also be incorporated into the playground marking for Years 7, 8 and 9 which can be used during lessons and break times as well as after school activities. 

If you want to build new key stage 3 school playground marking our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

The Key Stage 3 level of education is for children aged between 11 and 14; we have a number of playground markings to suit this area of learning in the UK.

Secondary schools often choose designs like sports lines and fitness activity circuits, as well as graphics for use in educational games. These can be applied in a variety of different colour choices and dimensions to fit with what you need. Please contact our specialists to speak about prices and specifications for the thermoplastic markings.

Markings for KS3

For children near me in Years 7, 8 and 9 recreational activities are slightly different from the primary school games.

The floor markings for these facilities are often focused more on sports rather than learning skills like English and maths. Coloured lines can be put onto a tarmac surface in thermoplastic to create a multi-use activity space.

This is perfect for recreational MUGA facilities on the playground as the lines also have anti-slip qualities for extra safety when kids are running around.

In addition to the traditional sports courts, Key Stage three markings could be laid out to make a fitness circuit which the children follow and complete a range of activities like jumping, hopping and balancing.

We are also able to design markings of games and activities that can be used by the students during their free time. These games can include chess boards and grids for games such as naughts and crosses.

Please contact one of our experts if you need some advice regarding quotes or designs for the thermoplastic school play area graphics. We are able to put together a bespoke set of marking features to suit your budget and whatever you want to include.

KS3 Outdoor Surface Design Near Me

There are plenty of options for outdoor surfacing designs in nearby KS3 playgrounds in the UK. If you have any specific requests we are able to incorporate these into the graphics to give you a unique set of markings for your school.

As well as the sports and fitness lines, other educational shapes can be applied to the tarmac flooring.

These include things like world maps, compasses and clocks for geography or maths games during lessons and break times. Each of these can be set out in a range of single or multi-coloured designs, and also different sizes to fit in with how much space you have available.

During the first three years of high school, kids cover a number of subjects including -

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Geography
  • Foreign Languages
  • PE

If you would like to create a design incorporating one of these topics, feel free to let us know and we can install the marking to suit you.

We have installed plenty of fun and educational shapes, with some of the most popular including -

  • snakes and ladders
  • multiplication grids
  • chess boards
  • throwing targets

We are even able to install graphics with all the planets of the solar system laid out in order.

Each of these can help kids with learning academic skills in addition to staying fit and being physically active.

We are able to create and design markings that fit your requirements and we will work closest with you to ensure thermoplastic markings are suitable for your local school and the surrounding areas.

Other Playground Games We Offer

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Make sure you get in touch with our nearby expert team today if you have any questions about Key Stage 3 outdoor floor graphics.

We would be happy to provide you with some case studies and photos of work we have previously completed for different schools in the UK.

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