KS1 Activity Surface

KS1 Activity Surface

For Key Stage One children, thermoplastic playground designs are great for encouraging outdoor learning and physical activities when developing fundamental skills.

Key Stage One Designs

Key Stage One Designs

Thermoplastic surface designs can be made to comply with KS1 National Curriculum guidelines for certain topics so that kids can learn while they play.

Multi Coloured Play Markings

Multi Coloured Play Markings

Each different play area design can be applied using a choice of bright colours to create a vibrant and fun outdoor space for use in lessons and break times.

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KS1 Thermoplastic Activity Markings

We are KS1 Thermoplastic Activity Markings, for Key Stage One children, our specially designed thermoplastic playground designs are great for encouraging outdoor learning and physical activities when developing fundamental skills. 

If you'd like to install brand new KS1 thermoplastic activity markings, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We have a range of thermoplastic activity designs for KS1 playground games for children aged 5-7. These markings are specifically created and adapted to the curriculum for primary school years 1 and 2.

With a number of unique graphics for different subjects, the children are able to combine classroom learning with outdoor play to make the most out of their time at school.

To enquire about the costs of installation for these flooring features, please feel free to speak to us through the contact form so we can get back to you.

Design Ideas for KS1

There are a number of core skills and topics that need to be covered throughout Key Stage One and each of these can be enforced with fun playground games.

We are able to create bespoke activity markings using thermoplastic which comes in bright colours and creates a long-lasting finish.

Some of the most popular designs include A-Z letter snakes, number grids and cartoon animals. These can each be used for different games, and the kids will be able to come up with their own imaginative ideas.

Ofsted will often look for these kinds of facilities and rate them highly because they contribute to outdoor learning environments and active play.

Other graphics like -

  • roadways
  • footprints
  • maps
  • clocks

could also be incorporated into a KS1 activity playground. Many children find it much easier to learn when doing something active and fun, so this is great for teaching fundamental maths and English skills.

The roadways and footprints are often used for learning safety in the outside world with regards to crossing roads and sticking to footpaths. Not only do these markings teach ideas which are relevant to the National Curriculum, but they also relate to life skills.

Not only is the thermoplastic markings a way of educating the children near me whilst outside, but it can also physically have positive results. 

The outside activity markings encourage nearby young people to get fresh air, whilst undergoing physical activity which results in the children having positive benefits both intellectually and physically.  

If you are thinking about having thermoplastic playground graphics installed for local Key Stage One school closest to you, get in touch with our specialists today.

We’ll supply all the information you need with regards to prices and quotes, as well as unique designs for your school’s recreational area. If you have any ideas for imaginative marking designs, feel free to let us know and we’ll try to incorporate this for your project.

Key Stage 1 Play Area

There are plenty of schools near me who are looking to create or improve a play area for Key Stage 1 children. Thermoplastic designs are a great feature which can be added to an existing tarmac surface through a quick and simple process.

The shapes are pre-formed in plastic using the desired colour, then laid onto the macadam and heat applied to the surface.

Depending on the school’s budget and choice of design, markings can be installed as a single set or as part of an activity trail which moves throughout the playground and the surrounding area.

Obviously a bigger set of graphics is going to use more materials so will be more expensive.

In addition to the outdoor surface graphics, other play area features could be installed for KS1 activities. Different types of equipment are often chosen by schools as a way of incorporating physical literacy and fitness into outdoor games.

Trim trails with climbing ropes, balancing beams and traverse walls are perfect for getting children involved in fun games while being active as well.

These facilities encourage physical fitness and healthier lifestyles as pupils could use them during break times and even after school clubs. Between ages, 5-7 children are developing a number of fundamental skills both academic and physical. With a well-designed outdoor learning facility, you can enhance the learning environment as much as possible.

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