Playground Trim Trails

Playground Trim Trails

With our range of tarmac flooring markings you can create a fun activity circuit at your school where children will move around the area and practise different skills.

Outdoor Activity Circuit

Outdoor Activity Circuit

You might choose to have outdoor play equipment incorporated into your activity trail, things like stepping logs, climbing walls and wooden balance beams are all popular.

Play Surface Designs

Play Surface Designs

Colourful thermoplastic markings are great for getting kids active and encouraging them to make up their own fun games to play during break times.

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Recreational Trim Trail Markings

Welcome to Recreational Trim Trail Markings, with our range of specialist tarmac flooring markings you can create a fun activity circuit at your school where children will move around the area and practise different skills. 

Do you need an experienced recreational trim trail markings contractor? Then you have come to the right place.

Many schools and public playgrounds have trim trail equipment which is used by children for recreational games and physical activities. We can install these features with colourful floor markings incorporated to create a complete fitness circuit.

Activity trails are often made using things like timber bridges, rope nets, monkey bars and stepping stones. These are perfect for allowing kids to improve different physical skills such as balance, agility and strength.

With thermoplastic graphics added onto the surface to continue the circuit, children can complete other activities like hop, skip and jump along with coloured footprints or other shapes.

The costs for installing these playground features near me will vary depending on the number of materials needed so please contact us to discuss your project and receive a quote.

Design Options

If you don’t want to install the larger pieces of timber play equipment, you could create a trim trail just using the playground markings. These are often designed with different components like hopscotch, stepping stones and other instructions which link up to make a full fitness circuit.

School recreational areas will often have this type of design applied for a nearby fun outdoor space which contributes to physical fitness and activity.

For older children in Key Stages 3 and 4, a range of sports markings could be applied to create a multi-use area. These could be for things like - 

  • Football
  • Netball 
  • Circuits
  • Speed stepping
  • Jumping
  • Balancing

As the thermoplastic lines are slip-resistant, this makes them perfect for use all year round and in any weather conditions.

To discuss the options for trim trail designs further, please get in touch with our team via the contact form. Simply let us know what kind of project you need us to carry out and we’ll discuss the prices and create a design to suit you.

These surface markings and equipment can be tailored to suit any local primary school or EYFS organisation closest to you so feel free to add your own design input.

Play Area Activity Trails

Imaginative play areas are great for children’s development and you can be really creative with the designs. By using a combination of equipment and flooring graphics, a number of games and scenes can be made up.

For example, you could choose to have wooden towers or houses with bridges in between for role play games. Boats and pirate ships might be installed with sea themed surface markings in the surrounding areas.

You could even have balance beams which the children have to traverse across and try to avoid different animal graphics marked out on the floor below.

There is no limit to the activities that children can make up and enjoy playing with an outdoor activity trail.

Playground TrimTrails Near Me 

Depending on the design and different coloured shapes you choose, your nearby school’s recreational trim trail could be focused more towards physical activity, or it might be designed for imaginative play.

This will vary for each school and the children who will be using the area, so we can offer our expert advice to help you choose the perfect specification.

Thermoplastic graphics can be installed in a wide range of colours including red, blue, green, yellow, orange white and plenty of other options.

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