Wallboard Playground Panels

Wallboard Playground Panels

Our range of playground wall panels is ideal for schools looking to improve outdoor learning and activity through fun and educational game designs.

Outdoor Play Boards

Outdoor Play Boards

These activity boards can be used for role play games, outdoor learning, improving fitness and also helping kids to be imaginative when playing with others.

School Wall Games

School Wall Games

We offer a variety of designs for these activity panels which include clocks, maths grids, steering wheels, spelling games and many more fun and educational features.

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Wallboard Playground Panels

We are Wallboard Playground Panels, our expert team offer a variety of designs for these activity panels which include clocks, maths grids, steering wheels, spelling games and many more fun and educational features. 

If you'd like to install brand new wallboard playground panels our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We supply a wide range of wallboard playground panels which are ideal for schools. These can be installed onto existing walls or fences so the children can enjoy different games and activities.

Popular designs for these wall mounted boards include maths games, role play activities, music, science and creative features.

They could be used during lessons for outdoor learning, as well as in break times where the kids can make up their own exciting games. The wallboard panels allow the children to be creative and learn in new styles, which can improve their education.

Our team would be happy to provide you with some more product information on these external wallboard panels, so please get in touch by filling in the contact form.

We are able to discuss prices and different designs to help you choose the products which would be most effective and affordable for your school.

You can choose a unique set of activity boards which combine both imaginative and educational games, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

School Wall Activity Panel

If you are thinking of having a school wall activity panel installed for your nearby playground, there are loads of designs to choose from.

We offer a number of imaginative panels where the kids can take part in role-playing games and make up their own activities.

This is great for encouraging creativity and allowing children to develop their social skills by sharing ideas with others.

Popular options for these kinds of wallboard products include role play shops, chalkboards, driving steering wheels, mirrors and plenty of other imaginative features.

How you use this equipment is completely up to you, and they offer plenty of benefits for children's cognitive development.

We can place these onto fences and walls in the playground, and we also offer free-standing panels to put in the centre of the play area.

These can be positioned alongside coloured floor markings to create a full activity circuit which the children can traverse around. These are simple ways of making a large empty area more fun and exciting, in a way that is interactive for local kids closest to you.

Outdoor Learning Play Boards Near Me

The outdoor learning play boards are perfect for schools and surrounding areas because they are fun and they help kids to learn fundamental skills.

It is often much easier for young children to process information when it is learnt through a game as this makes it enjoyable and more memorable. Ofsted inspectors will often recommend products like this to improve schools' outdoor provisions for education as well as fitness.

As these products are often used for outdoor learning, we supply many with educational games and activities. For example, many schools have wallboards with -

  • Clocks
  • Multiplication tables
  • Spelling games
  • Alphabets
  • Abacuses.

These are available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes to suit your facility and your pupils, so you can completely customise the design. We will also advise you on the best products to suit your budget to ensure that they are affordable for you.

Wall Games for Playgrounds Near Me

We supply a number of wall games for playgrounds to improve children's fitness and mental development. These can be used in conjunction with other equipment and playground markings to create a multipurpose activity area.

The costs for these wallboard playground panels do depend on what designs you choose and how many you decide to have. We could take a look at your budget and put together a selection of play boards which would be within your price range.

If you have some designs in mind already, don't hesitate to let us know so we can incorporate these into your order.

Other Playground Games We Offer

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These outdoor wall playboards provide kids with fun games to play, along with educational activities which make learning easier. You can choose from a wide selection of designs, shapes and colours to suit your school's play area.

For further information and product sheets on the wallboard playground panels please get in touch with us by completing the enquiry form.




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